How to Tell if Your Garage Door Sensor Is Bad

is your garage door sensor bad?

How to Tell if Your Garage Door Sensor Is Bad

Your safety relies on well-functioning garage door sensors, so detecting potential threats is crucial to ensuring your peace of mind and protecting yourself and your property. Let’s explore how you can know when your garage door sensor is bad.

Signs of a Bad Garage Door Sensor

Are your garage door sensor lights off or flashing and your door not closing? The sensors may be the issue. You can identify these problems early to prevent security vulnerabilities by inspecting the lights.

Inconsistent Lights

If you notice one light is red and the other is green, there might be a problem with your sensors.

Red Light

When there are red lights on both garage door sensors, this means your system could be experiencing an alignment issue or an obstruction in the sensors’ path.

Green Light

Both lights should be green on your garage door sensors, as this generally means the sensors are functioning correctly. If one sensor’s light is off, you should look into potential problems.

When Does a Garage Door Sensor Need Replacement?

Wiring problems often cause sensor malfunctions. Over time, wear and tear affect wiring and disrupt sensor-control panel communication. Frequent false alarms or erratic, random behavior may mean it’s time for a replacement. Here is how you can check to make sure.

How to Test Your Garage Door Sensors

If one garage door sensor light is red and the other is green, or both are red, there are several ways to see if the issue is due to wiring issues or other problems. Some steps to take include:

  • Checking their alignment: Ensure that both sensors are aligned properly and clean any dirt, dust, cobwebs or debris that could blind them.
  • Removing obstructions: Clear the area of all objects that could get in the way of the two sensor units.
  • Inspecting sensor wiring: Look at the sensors for any areas needing replacement or repair.
  • Reviewing their power supply: Perform a simple test to determine sensor functioning and confirm that they receive a consistent power supply.

You may need to look into a replacement if these steps don’t resolve the issue.

Work With Our Team to Replace Your Garage Door Sensors

If the issue persists after these steps, it may be time to seek professional help. A Better Door Co., Inc. can diagnose the root cause and recommend reliable solutions. We are a local garage door opener repair company offering fast and reliable repair services throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Contact us for a free estimate and schedule a day for services to secure your home’s safety.

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