How Often Should I Lubricate a Garage Door?

How Often Should You Lubricate Your Garage Door?

While garage door models can be different, with most types of doors you should apply a light touch-up of lubrication to moving parts every three to six months or about 2-3 times per year depending on the frequency of use.

If you notice a grinding sound or if your garage door mechanism is not working smoothly, this may also be a sign your garage doors need lubrication.

Garage doors are made up of multiple parts working together. As the parts do their work, they can grind against one another and create friction.

In winter, contracting and expanding caused by the elements can also mean your door needs lubrication and maintenance. Proper lubrication is needed for many garage door parts to prevent grating and shearing, which can damage your garage door. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you where to lubricate your garage door, what the best lubricants are, and how to grease a garage door properly.

What Parts of a Garage Door Need to Be Lubricated? image of a garage door hinge

You may be wondering where you should be lubricating your garage doors. The tracks, rollers, hinges and springs of your garage doors face significant stress and will need the most frequent lubrication.

In general, all moving parts (i.e. garage door springs, rollers, hinges etc.) will need lubrication often – every three months or possibly more with heavy use or in some climates.

The rails of your garage doors may need lubrication once a year but generally do not require much maintenance.

What Is the Best Lubricant for Garage Doors?

We often hear the question, “what should I use to lubricate my garage door?”. When it comes to grease for your garage doors, think light.  Specially formulated products for Garage Doors or light silicon will provide the best results. While you may think of your garage door as heavy-duty, heavier products and greases are a bad choice.

They may coat parts of the garage door which don’t need lubrication. A heavy coat of thick grease may attract dust and debris, which can actually cause more friction and can shorten the lifespan of your garage door.

There are products specifically formulated to grease your garage door. These are the best way to lubricate your garage door because they are designed not to attract debris.

The packaging also typically makes it easy to target lubricant right on the hinges, springs and other parts of the garage door without overspray. If you can’t find these products, use a light silicon aerosol spray.

Can I Use WD40 to Lubricate a Garage Door?

You may be tempted to spray WD40 on your garage door because it’s a common household lubricant. It is best not to do this. WD40 is a light household lubricant made up of mineral spirits, mineral oil and carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, this combination is not powerful enough for a garage door mechanism that lifts over a hundred pounds of metal and parts.

After about a week, WD40 leaves behind only a small layer of mineral oil, which is not enough to lubricate the rollers and other parts of a garage door.

The oil will not stand up to the elements your garage door is exposed to. WD40 is a product best used for greasing indoor squeaky doors.

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