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Garage Door Track Repair Services on Long Island

Is your garage door track broken? Garage doors can come off the track when they go up or down, and when they do, a professional should be called to put the door back into place. Garage door track repairs require specialized training and tools, and attempting a DIY fix can cause damage or, worse, injure someone.

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What Happens When a Garage Door Comes Off Track?

When a wheel pops off your garage door, the door may look lopsided, with one side rising higher than the other. If multiple wheels fall off, the door will lose support from the tracks and hang from the ceiling threatening to fall.

Garage doors have wheels on either side that rest in tracks mounted to each side of the door. When you open or close your garage, the tracks guide the wheels and keep the door aligned. When one or more wheels come unseated, the door may continue to work in a limited capacity or become stuck altogether.

If the door still moves, continuing to operate it will make the problem worse. If the wheels are off the track, you need professional assistance.

Based on how often you use your garage, a door coming off track can create serious challenges in your daily life. If your garage door is off track and stuck, you may have to park in the driveway and enter your home through the front door. A stuck door could also trap your car inside the garage, causing you to miss work, social plans or important appointments.

Garage doors made from any material are exceedingly heavy. No matter if your door falls right away or later on when you least expect it, a broken track system poses a severe risk that you need to address before someone gets hurt.

What Causes a Garage Door to Come Off Track?

    • Impact: Garage doors provide strong barriers, but few can withstand a direct hit from a car. If you or someone else hits the door with a hard impact, it could leave your garage door off track and crooked. Depending on the amount of force involved, a hit from a car could throw multiple wheels off or knock the door down. Even speeds as low as three miles per hour can cause significant damage to your doors and tracks.


    • Track issues: When the installed tracks lack enough strength to support the weight of the garage door they can bend and warp which creates alignment issues and will eventually cause the door to come off the track. In other instances, tracks can provide sufficient support. However, due to improper installation techniques, they fail to line up. Over time, this misalignment will cause the support brackets to come loose, putting more weight on the tracks and causing them to bend.


    • Wear and tear: Rollers are typically made from steel or nylon and should last for years. While made to last, they do eventually require replacement. Each type of roller has advantages. Steel rollers offer resistance to wear but may become corroded. Nylon rollers may wear down a little faster, but they’re quieter and require less maintenance. If your rollers are damaged or worn, we can replace them for you with high-quality rollers made by Clopay®.


Whether your garage door keeps coming off track or it’s the first time you’re dealing with the problem, we can help. Chances are, it happened from an impact, an issue with the tracks or the process of regular wear and tear.

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