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Garage Door Cable Repair — Long Island

Cables are an essential safety feature in any garage door system. A cable runs through each of the high-tension garage door springs to prevent them from recoiling with a violent force should they break.

Properly installed and functioning cables will cause a broken spring to fall harmlessly to the ground, significantly reducing the risk of property damage or severe injuries.

Thus, it’s essential to replace a malfunctioning or damaged cable as quickly as possible.


A Better Door Co., Inc. Can Meet Your Garage Door Cable Repair Needs on Long Island

Executing a garage door cable repair can be a dangerous job. Rather than attempting the task yourself, contact the Long Island garage door experts at A Better Door Co., Inc.

We’ve been serving home and business owners throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties for more than 30 years. We can repair or replace cables quickly and efficiently and increase the functionality and safety of your garage door.

How Do You Know If You Need a Basic Repair or a Full Garage Door Cable Replacement?

Some issues with garage door cables are relatively easy to correct. For example, they can become incorrectly wound around the drums that hold them, which can cause the door to jam when lowering or lean to one side.

They can also unwind from the drum, which requires reconnecting. The pulleys that support their movement may wear out over time and need replacing as well.

As cables age, the risk of breaking increases. Normal wear and tear can cause them to weaken and eventually snap.

Fraying is another issue that requires a garage door cable replacement. Cables consist of small wire threads that are wrapped together. When one of the threads starts to fray, it can weaken the entire cord and cause it to break.

Corrosion is also a problem that can lead to the demise of a cable. Replacement is the only option for a broken garage door cable.


A Better Garage Door Co., Inc. Can Provide Prompt Garage Door Cable Service

Whether you need to repair or replace a garage door cable, A Better Door Co. Inc. can handle the job.

Our experienced service technicians will come to your Long Island home or business establishment and diagnose the issue. We’ll then recommend the most cost-effective option and provide a free estimate before the work begins.

We respond to service requests within 24-48 hours, ensuring a rapid resolution for your garage door cable repair or replacement issue. Emergency repair service is also available.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement Services

A Better Door Co., Inc. is a local, family-owned garage door company headquartered in Center Moriches, NY.

We have a stellar reputation throughout Long Island for performing high-quality work and providing excellent customer service.

Give us a call at (631) 732-9654 to learn more about our garage door cable services or to get a free estimate. You can also contact us online to schedule service at your convenience.

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