Weather Seal Installation

Garage Door Weather Seal Installations and Replacements

Garage door weather stripping seals off your garage door with a thin piece of material, often PVC, effectively eliminating gaps at the sides and the bottom of your garage door.

Sometimes called a bottom seal, weather stripping is important for keeping out the cold and elements during winters in Suffolk or Nassau counties.

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When you need to replace your weather stripping, the old material needs to be removed first, usually by prying it away from the concrete and the sides and top of the garage.

The new material will need to be cut to the correct size to ensure a perfect fit for your garage door.

Next, a power tool will be used to affix the weatherstripping into the floor, ceiling and sides of the garage.

A professional can then check to make sure the weatherstripping forms a perfect seal around your garage door.

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Bottom Track Replacement For Garage Doors in Long Island, NY

You may want to get a garage door weather seal replacement if you notice cracks or warping in your bottom seal. If you notice any wear and tear, it’s time to replace your garage door seal.

You may also decide on a replacement if you notice pests in your garage or if your garage is colder or warmer than it used to be.

Any weather damage on the interior of the garage can also indicate the weatherstripping has been compromised.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door Weather Stripping

If you live in the Long Island area, weather stripping on your garage door can help save money on your energy bills by keeping cold drafts out of your garage. 

In the summer, it keeps your garage cooler by blocking heat. Keeping the cold and elements out also helps protect your car and anything else you keep in your garage.

A bottom seal can prevent pests from entering your garage. The small cracks at the bottom and sides of your garage door are enough for insects and even mice to get through, so maintaining your bottom seal can help you avoid infestations.

It can also keep any food you store in your garage safe.


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If you’re near Nassau and Suffolk counties and need to replace weatherstripping, contact A Better Door Co., Inc. for help.

Hiring professionals ensures a seamless fit and alignment for your new weather stripping, which is essential if you want it to last and do its job effectively.

The professionals at A Better Door Co., Inc. can also ensure your bottom seal allows uninterrupted use of your garage door and can maintain your garage door’s warranty by installing weather stripping correctly.

Since 1988, A Better Door Co., Inc. has been helping residents of Suffolk and Nassau counties enjoy safer and better-performing garage doors.

If you want your garage to be better protected from the elements and work to save you money on your monthly utility bills, contact us today or give us a call at (631) 732-9654 for weather stripping service, installation, and related maintenance and repair work.

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