Roller Repair and Replacement

Garage Door Roller Repairs and Replacements

Garage door rollers run along the track of your door and look like wheels. A great deal of stress is placed on these wheels and bearings. The better condition they are in, the safer and more smoothly your garage door opens and closes.

If you have a home in Suffolk or Nassau County, knowing when to replace your garage door rollers can extend the life of your door and help you avoid emergency fixes.

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Rollers are what keep your garage doors moving along the tracks, so they’re a significant safety issue. Ignoring them can mean your garage door moves unpredictably.

Garage Door Roller Replacements – Serving Long Island, NY

Depending on the height of your garage door, you will generally have 10-12 rollers. These may need to be replaced every 10-20 years depending on factors such as:

    • Materials: Nylon rollers typically last for 10,000 cycles, or about 10-13 years. Heavy-duty steel rollers can sometimes last up to 50,000 cycles.


    • Ball bearings: Rollers with no ball bearings will not last as long as those with multiple ball bearings.


    • Climate: Wet weather and a four-season cycle, much like what homeowners face in Long Island, NY, can corrode rollers and make them wear out sooner. Look for zinc-plated or stainless-steel-plated rollers, which can stand up to the elements.


    • Frequency of use: Most garage door rollers have expected lifecycles based on the number of times you open or close your garage door. If you enter your garage often, you will need to replace your rollers more frequently.


  • Maintenance: Properly lubricating your rollers and tracks every three months can help preserve your rollers and allows them to last longer. Taking proper care of your garage doors overall puts less stress on your door system and can help extend the life of your rollers.

When to Replace Garage Door Rollers

You should replace your garage door rollers according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

However, you may need to replace them sooner if you notice any of these issues:

  • A garage door roller has popped out.
  • Your steel garage door rollers wobble in the track.
  • Your garage door rollers are loose enough to make a clacking noise when your garage door opens or closes.
  • Rollers have broken.
  • Your garage door is making unusual sounds or not opening or closing correctly.

Replacing Your Garage Door Rollers in Long Island, New York

Any of these signs could indicate the safety of your garage door is compromised. You may need to replace your rollers or get maintenance or repair services for your garage door.

If you need service for your garage door or need your rollers replaced, contact A Better Door Co., Inc. online to schedule a service appointment. Or, give us a call at (631) 732-9654.

A Better Door Co., Inc. has been helping Long Island-area homeowners since 1988, and we’re familiar with many brands of garage doors.

Whether you need service to repair a broken door, you’re ready for new doors or you want maintenance to extend the life of your rollers, you can rely on our team of professionals.

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