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Garage Door Installation Service on Long Island

For more than 30 years, A Better Door has been the local garage door installers that customers throughout Long Island can count on. Serving customers throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, we’re proud to have earned the enviable distinction of becoming a Master Authorized Clopay Garage Door Dealer and a recommended service provider from the Better Business Bureau.


Does Your Long Island Home Need a Garage Door Replacement?

Even though modern garage doors are made to last for decades if they’re well cared for, you may need to replace your garage door sooner, either because of functional or aesthetic reasons. Consider garage door replacement if your old door:

  • Lacks speed:If your garage door isn’t opening or closing as fast as it once did and its speed doesn’t improve with repairs, you may want to replace the existing garage door at your residence.
  • Sounds noisy: While residential garage doors aren’t totally silent, they are relatively quiet when working properly. If you notice your door is noisier than usual — or you hear alarming grinding, crunching, squealing or banging sounds when it’s going up or down — it’s a sign you might need a new door.
  • Functions poorly: Garage doors are heavy and can cause serious injuries if they don’t function as intended. If your door doesn’t close all the way or its auto-reverse function isn’t working properly, you may want to replace your garage door.
  • Appears outdated or shabby: Even if your garage door works fine, you may still want to replace it if the door looks tired or as if it’s in disrepair.

Benefits of New Garage Door Installation

When you hire A Better Door Company to install a new garage door at your residence, you stand to enjoy some meaningful benefits:

  • Improved security: Today’s garage doors often come with some security features that weren’t available on older models. These features enable you to improve your home’s security by replacing an older garage door with a new one.
  • Reduced energy costs: A new garage door can offer greater energy efficiency, which can lower your ongoing energy costs.
  • Fewer maintenance needs: Whereas an older garage door may need near-constant maintenance, a newer one will typically require less attention. Your new door will still require preventive maintenance, though, assuming you want to prolong its useful life and prevent the need for costly interim repairs.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Installing a new garage door can greatly enhance the look of your home making it significantly more attractive to passers-by as well as prospective buyers.

Request a Garage Door Installation Estimate for Your Long Island Home Now

Whether you need or want a new garage door, we invite you to contact A Better Door Company to request a garage door installation estimate for your Long Island home. We look forward to preparing an estimate for your review within 24-48 hours of receiving your request.

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