Panel Repair

Garage Door Panel Repair and Replacement in Long Island

Whether your garage door shows regular wear and tear or more significant damage, aging and broken panels can affect your property’s appearance and reduce curb appeal.

How Can Your Garage Door Panels Be Damaged? 

Most garage doors are front and center and exposed to the elements, making them vulnerable to damage from different sources. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Weather: Most garage door parts are metal, so they’re prone to rust. Constant exposure to wind, sunlight, rain and ice can fade or even rust the garage door’s exterior, lowering your home or business’s curb appeal. 
  • Impact: Dents can come from anything from an errant baseball or frisbee to the rear-end of a car. While minor marks are mainly a cosmetic concern, a more significant impact can damage the panels and make your door unusable. 
  • Aging: Over time, your garage door experiences general wear and tear, especially if used several times a day or rarely. If an older model hasn’t seen proper maintenance over the years, misaligned tracks, broken springs and rusty chains are more likely.


Should You Replace or Repair Your Garage Door Panel? 

Once you’ve determined the extent of the issue, there are a few ways you can determine whether it is better to replace or repair your garage door panel. Consider these factors to help you make your decision.

The Damage’s Extent 

How many panels are damaged? Are the stiles and hinges dented, affecting your ability to open the door? 

If the problem is isolated to one area, repairing a single panel may make the most sense. If multiple panels are significantly damaged or you can’t open the door at all, replacement might be necessary. 

Your Budget

What is your budget for repairing or replacing your garage door panels?

Repairing a single panel will be less costly than replacing it. If you’d need to fix several panels, pieces of hardware and the door’s track, it may be more cost-effective to replace them.

Your End Goal

Are you focused on your door’s functionality, or are its aesthetics a primary concern as well?

If your panel has faded from sun exposure but you plan to sell your home, panel replacement is a great way to increase your home’s value. If you’re less concerned about curb appeal and the problem isn’t significant, a panel repair will do just fine. 

The Garage Door’s Age

Depending on its age, it could be challenging to find replacement panels for garage doors that complement your current garage panels, especially if they’re over 15 years old. A simple panel repair might be best if your overhead door is old and otherwise in excellent working order. 

Rely on A Better Door Company for Garage Door Panel Repair in Long Island 

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