Garage Door Cable Maintenance & Replacement Guide

Garage Door Cable Maintenance & Replacement Guide

Imagine pressing the garage door button, and the door opens crooked or doesn’t open at all. It just makes an awful sound instead. When you’re running late to work, the last thing you need is for your garage to malfunction. Your garage door contains many parts that work together to lift your garage door. Problems with one part cause issues for the entire door. 

One of the essential pieces to your garage door opener is the cables. Maintaining and replacing these lines is critical to the smooth operation of your door.

What Are Garage Door Cables?

While springs are an essential part of the garage door opener, they are not the part that lifts or lowers the door. The springs transfer energy to the cables. The cables, located on each side of the garage door, then pull the door up or lower it. There are two types of cables based on different spring systems:

  • Torsion springs: The torsion springs store energy by coiling. When the spring transfers energy to a drum, the drum uncoils the cables to lower the garage door. The cables recoil when the door lifts.
  • Extension springs: Extension springs store energy by extending. They run parallel to the garage floor, and they extend when the door closes to recharge. They have a pulley that contains a cable, which does the lifting or lowering of the door.

How to Care for Garage Door Cables

Your cables play a critical role in the operation of your garage door opener. That makes it all the more vital that you check them for needed maintenance. To make sure your cables are in good condition, you should:

  • Use lubricant sparingly because cables can accumulate dirt.
  • Examine your cables for fraying and kinks.
  • Ensure you keep your cables clean of dirt, grime and other particles over time.
  • If you have extension springs, check your pulleys for wear and tear. 

Replacing Garage Door Cables

You may be wondering when you should replace garage door cables. The lifespan of your lines will depend on their quality. It’s a good idea to examine them once a year. Cables carry a heavy responsibility, and sometimes malfunctions happen. Consider replacing your cables if:

  • A cable has snapped or broken.
  • There is unbalanced tension between the cables on each side of the garage door.
  • The cables are unwound.
  • The cables are fraying.

While some people attempt to replace or reattach their garage door cables on their own, doing so can be difficult — and dangerous. Incorrectly installing them could lead to problems later on, too. It’s best to contact a professional for your garage door cable replacement.

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