Advantages to Upgrading Your Garage Door

Advantages to Upgrading Your Garage Door

Ever glanced at your home and felt something was off? Maybe it’s time to shift your attention to your garage door. Upgrading it is a wise investment with multiple benefits that extend beyond aesthetics. Here’s why upgrading might be the best home improvement decision you’ve yet to make.

Top Reasons to Upgrade Garage Doors

Think of a garage door upgrade as a home upgrade. Here’s why:

1. Elevated Curb Appeal

A stunning garage door makes a significant difference to your home’s exterior. With a stylish new door, your house becomes instantly appealing to buyers and visitors.

2. Increased Security

 Modern garage doors have enhanced security features, helping your vehicle and other stored items remain protected from theft and damage.

3. Improved Insulation

Feel the difference inside. Modern doors enable better temperature regulation, leading to increased energy efficiency.

4. Smooth Operation and Reduced Maintenance

Tired of that creaky noise every time you open or close the garage? Modern doors run smooth and quiet. It also requires less maintenance than their older counterparts, saving you time and money in the long run.

5. Smart Investment

When considering home improvements, think beyond immediate needs. An upgraded garage door adds to your property’s resale value. It’s a decision that pays, both in daily satisfaction and potential financial returns.

Types of Garage Doors

When you consider garage door upgrade ideas, the choices might seem overwhelming. At A Better Door Co., Inc, we proudly offer Clopay® brand garage doors that perfectly meet your style and needs. Some of our selections include:

Canyon Ridge Collection

These faux wood doors, made of durable steel and realistic molded composites, come in various designs, from Canyon Ridge® Carriage House — 5-Layer and 4-Layer — and Canyon Ridge® Modern styles to the unique Canyon Ridge® Louver design. You can customize them with multiple finishes to achieve a truly distinctive appearance.

Classic Collection

Embrace timeless elegance with Clopay’s Classic Collection. These traditional raised-panel garage doors are customizable in size, window inserts and specialty glass. Whether you prefer Classic™ Steel or the Classic™ Wood series, these doors enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Reserve Collection

Elevate your home with the handcrafted excellence of the Reserve Wood collection. Opt for the Reserve® Wood Modern series for a sleek fusion of wood and aluminum or the Reserve® Wood Semi-Custom for a historical touch with contemporary flair.

upgrade your garage door with A Better Door Co., Inc.

Upgrade Your Garage Door With A Better Door Co., Inc

If you’re seeking a reliable garage door replacement service, look no further. A Better Door Co., Inc, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, is committed to guiding you through the process. From helping you purchase a new garage door to ensuring its seamless installation, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us for a free estimate or you can also visit our showroom to see the doors in person.