Energy Efficient Garage Door Tips

Energy-Efficient Garage Door Tips

Your journey toward energy efficiency starts with your garage door. A few smart upgrades can yield many energy savings. With A Better Door Co., Inc by your side, enhancing your garage’s energy efficiency becomes seamless. Let’s explore insulation and how garage door opener upgrades can help.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Effective insulation is the cornerstone of an energy-efficient garage. A well-insulated garage door shields against hot and cold weather. It reflects in your energy bills. Here’s how you can ensure your garage door is well-insulated:

  • Check your current door: Start by identifying the current insulation level of your garage door. Check for any drafts or cold spots around the door.
  • Add insulation to your door: Employ a professional technician for the insulation task. Or opt for a do-it-yourself kit. DIY kits are budget-friendly and have all the necessary materials. 
  • Decide on energy-efficient garage door materials: Pick between foam board, reflective or batt insulation, or determine if an entirely new door would work best. 
  • Choose a new door: Select a high-quality, well-insulated garage door. The Clopay doors offered by A Better Door Co., Inc are an excellent choice. Both steel and wood garage doors offer energy-efficient options.
  • Keep R-value in mind: Ensure the insulation or the door has a high R-value, which means it provides better thermal resistance than doors with lower ratings.
  • Install the new door: Have a professional install the door. They will ensure it fits and offers maximum insulation. 
  • Maintain your door or insulation: Periodic checks and maintenance of the door are essential. They ensure long-term energy savings and energy conservation. 

Get a New Garage Door Opener

Modern openers, designed with energy conservation, ensure lesser power usage with optimal function. A Better Door Co., Inc has various state-of-the-art garage door openers. That upgrade is a stride toward energy savings since newer models can use less power in standby mode. Here’s a step-by-step guide to upgrading your garage door opener:

  • Research: Begin by researching energy-efficient garage door openers. Understand the benefits and potential savings. Explore our online collection to see our various garage door openers. 
  • Select: Choose a garage door opener that meets your needs. 
  • Install: Have your new energy-efficient garage door opener professionally installed. We will ensure optimal operation and energy savings. 
  • Maintain: Regular maintenance will keep your opener running efficiently. 

Choose A Better Door Co., Inc

Discover a range of cutting-edge garage door openers with A Better Door Co., Inc, or request service online. Your leap toward a greener, cost-effective home is a call away — (631) 732-9654.

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