How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

How to Prep Your Garage Door for Winter

As the weather gets colder, you perform maintenance tasks to prepare for the incoming snow, like cleaning your gutters. Winterizing your garage protects it from moisture and other damage during the coldest time of the year.

The Impact of Cold on Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

While your garage door can withstand the highest and lowest temperatures, long-term exposure to the elements can damage it. For example, cold weather can dry out the lubricants which strains your opener each time it operates. Winter conditions can also cause the springs to become stiff and increase the risk of your garage door failing.

Preparing your garage door for colder weather can keep it in good working condition throughout the year.

Identifying Typical Garage Door Problems During Winter

Colder temperatures and harsh weather conditions in winter often the reason for garage door problems, including:


Metal contracts in cold weather, which can lead to the door locking in place since there is no give to allow the door to move up and down. As the metal contracts it can also cause the garage door to get off track.

Additionally, cold weather can cause cracks and damage to electrical sensors and wires, which prevent your garage door from opening. If ice and snow build up under the door, the door may freeze to the floor or become hard to close all the way. Keeping your garage door area clear will help prevent this problem from happening.


Another common complaint during the winter is a noisy, creaking garage door. This may be caused by a lack of lubrication due to freezing temperatures or from contracting metal. The creaking, squeaking noises often occur when the runners become slightly misaligned. If lubrication does not help, you may simply have to wait for warmer temperatures.


In the cold weather, the garage door opener may strain to open the door or may not work at all. This could be because of an issue with the door itself or because the cold is affecting how the electronic sensors interact. For example, the photo eye sensors can become fogged over because of the cold, which will cause the garage door to think there is something in the way and remain open.

How to Insulate a Garage Door for Winter

Before you begin the weather sealing process, you’ll need to measure the width and thickness of your door to find the right seal size and consider its process. Will you use your garage for something other than storage? Do you want something that can withstand high rain and wind? 

Once you choose the proper weather stripping, remove your current stripping and any raised wooden strips with a hammer and pry bar. As you cut each piece of weather stripping, trim the top and bottom at a 30-degree angle so it sits seamlessly on the sides.

Install the weather stripping using the provided nails or screws with the door closed, and then apply caulk where the stripping meets the door frame. Our team is happy to perform professional weather stripping installation services to ensure your door is ready for winter.

our team is happy to perform professional weather stripping installation services

If weather stripping is insufficient, consider insulation options such as rigid foam and batt insulation.

Other Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Here are some other maintenance tips to be aware of:

  • Lubricating any moving parts: Before the cold weather sets in, lubricate parts like the springs, hinges and roller to prevent them from drying in the cold air.
  • Check and adjust your garage door opener: Check and lubricate your garage door opener throughout the winter.
  • Clear snow and ice: Keeping the door free from snow and ice can keep your garage door running smoothly and prevent damage to the weather stripping. 

Choose A Better Door Co., Inc. as Your Partner in Winter Garage Door Preparation

Whether you want to know how to keep a garage warm in the winter or discover ways to protect your overhead door from the cold A Better Door Co., Inc. is here for all your garage door needs. In addition to our regular repair services, our team can perform maintenance services before winter arrives to ensure your garage door is ready for the coldest parts of the year. 

Start enjoying peace of mind this winter by contacting the team at A Better Door Co., Inc. today!