How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

Each year, snow, ice and frigid temperatures in winter can wreak havoc. Residents of Long Island and other areas of New York are familiar with the challenges that winter can bring and may also experience severe winter weather conditions.

Sometimes it’s necessary to brave the winter elements for work, school and other obligations. But the last thing you want to deal with – especially if you live in Suffolk and Nassau counties in New York – are garage door problems in winter.

That’s why it’s important to winterize your garage door.

Typical Garage Door Problems During Winter

Colder temperatures and harsh weather conditions in winter often the reason for garage door problems, including:

1. Garage Door Won’t Open in Cold Weather

This is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of issues. Metal contracts in cold weather, which can lead to the door locking in place since there is no give to allow the door to move up and down.

The metal contraction can also cause the garage door to get off track.

Cold weather can also cause cracks and damage to electrical sensors and wires, which prevent your garage door from opening.

If ice and snow build up under the door, the door may freeze to the floor or become hard to close all the way. Keeping your garage door area clear will help prevent this problem from happening.

2. Creaking Door Noises

Another common complaint during the winter is a noisy, creaking garage door. This may be caused by a lack of lubrication due to freezing temperatures or from contracting metal.

The creaking, squeaking noises often occur when the runners become slightly misaligned. If lubrication does not help, you may simply have to wait for warmer temperatures.

3. The Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

In the cold weather, the garage door opener may strain to open the door or may not work at all.

This could be because of an issue with the door itself or because the cold is affecting how the electronic sensors interact. For example, the photo eye sensors can become fogged over because of the cold, which will cause the garage door to think there is something in the way.

As a result, the garage door opener will not work.

How to Seal Your Garage Door for Winter

These common garage door problems can be avoided by properly insulating your door for winter. Here are some tips to make sure your garage door is properly sealed:

  • Remove debris from the tracks such as sticks and leaves that can accumulate during the fall months and cause the door to jam
  • Check the rubber weatherstripping at the bottom of the door and replace it if it is cracked or brittle
  • Clear the door area of any snow or ice to avoid the door freezing to the floor
  • Check the batteries of your garage door opener, as cold weather zaps battery power
  • Schedule a winter garage door maintenance appointment

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