How to Organize a Messy Garage: 5 Tips

Organizing a Messy Garage: 5 Tips and Tricks

When you open your garage door, a clean garage can be a source of pride. An organized space can also help you find everything you need and can even be safer.

You’re less likely to trip over things or have items fall on you or your car if everything is in its right place. A clean space is also less likely to hide pests and mold. But you may be asking yourself, how do you organize a messy garage? Read below to find out!

Image of an organized garage

Whether or not you’re trying to fit a car or other items into your garage, these five quick and cheap garage organizing ideas can help you keep your space tidy.

1. Throw Away Items You No Longer Need or Use

One of the most effective garage organization tips and tricks won’t cost you a dime. Before you start to organize your garage, throw away what no longer serves you. This can be a huge task if you have years worth of stored items in your space. If you need to, tackle the garage over several weekends and focus on one area at a time.

2. Organize Items by Categories

One of the most effective ways to organize a messy garage. Not only will it look really clean and organized, but you’ll always be able to find what you need if you keep similar items together. Once you no longer have too much stuff because you’ve thrown out what you don’t need or use, designate areas of your garage for specific items. One corner may be for tools, for example, while another may house your sporting items.

3. Use Bins Wisely

Bins are one of the most affordable and effective garage storage solutions. Once you’ve grouped everything into categories, place related items in large plastic bins and label them. This makes everything organized and easy to find and can also protect your stuff from the elements when the garage door is open. Color-coded and neatly stacked bins also make your previously messy garage now functional, attractive and organized.

4. Create a Hanging Wall

One way to transform a messy garage into an organized garage is to start using vertical space. If you keep your car in your garage, a hanging wall leaves more space around your vehicle. If you don’t store your car in the garage, a hanging wall still leaves more usable space for a workshop area or just more storage room.

You can create your own hanging wall by using sturdy Command hooks. These hooks can hold everything from hammers and saws to fishing rods and bikes, and they don’t leave behind any nail holes or adhesive.

5. Consider a Larger Storage Container

If you have lots of items, a larger storage container can keep them out of sight and keep your garage streamlined. This is an ideal solution if you don’t need the extra space for a car in your garage. As an added bonus, some larger storage containers can be used as seating areas. The largest containers can even divide your garage into multiple “rooms,” creating a space for recreation and hobbies.

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