7 Exterior Home Improvement Ideas for 2021

Your home’s exterior elements give you an opportunity to represent your taste, style and interests. Updates to your home’s exterior can make your house more beautiful and practical for years to come. The best exterior home improvement design ideas can improve your home in multiple, long-lasting ways. 

Benefits of Exterior Home Improvement Updates

Several reasons might compel you to update your home’s exterior, including the benefits these projects offer. Design and element updates offer the following benefits: 

  • Adds value to your home: Increased home value is one of the reasons to update your home’s exterior. A fresh, smart outside look can boost your home’s marketability. If you decide to sell, new exterior features can help you sell faster and earn more. 
  • Protects your home: Updated exterior features also serve logistical purposes. They can help protect your home from rain, snow, sleet, wind, extreme temperatures and other concerns. 
  • Improves your home’s curb appeal: Another reason to improve your home’s exterior is curb appeal. Even the smallest changes can make your home look more expensive and beautiful. Every day, you can pull up to a house that makes you proud and feels like home. 
  • Contributes to security and safety: Updated exterior features are about more than appearances — they can also improve your home’s safety and security. For instance, replacing your front door with a more secure option can make your house less susceptible to a home invasion. 

7 Home Improvement Updates for 2021

If you’re wondering how to improve your exterior home design, a few key changes can make the most difference. Updates need not be complete overhauls — replacing one element or changing something simple can be effective. You can choose updates suited to any budget or time frame. Here are seven of the best 2021 exterior home improvement ideas: 

1. Repaint Your Siding

If you’re wondering how to liven up your outdoor space while staying within a comfortable budget, one of the simplest things you can do is repaint your siding. A fresh coat of paint has a lot of power behind it — it can make your home look bigger, brighter, more expensive or simply fresh and different. You can choose any color you like, which gives you plenty of creative freedom. 

When choosing a new color, think about what you want to accomplish. Do you want your home to look open and inviting? If so, you might choose a white, off-white or pastel shade. Do you want your home to look sophisticated and classy? You could opt for a darker, richer color. Do you want your exterior to feel homey and relaxed? A neutral tone could be the way to go. You could also pair two or more complementary colors for an attention-grabbing effect. In any case, new color on your siding can make all the difference. 

2. Add Accent Sections

Another simple change could be adding accent sections to create visual interest and depth. This is an easy way to make your home look fresh without breaking the bank. Some accent sections could include: 

  • Shingles
  • Vertical panels
  • Decorative trim

These changes are quick and inexpensive, yet they can make a big difference for your home’s external appearance. You could also alter your siding styles on different areas of your home’s exterior, creating a unique patterned look. Accent sections create a sense of variety that will make your home look more interesting. 

3. Build a Deck or Patio

Adding a deck or patio can make your home’s exterior more attractive while also adding outdoor living space for your friends and family. Decks and patios are perfect for entertaining guests on a nice day. They also create a buffer between inside and outside, ideal for kids and pets to shake off rain or remove muddy clothes. Spaces like these are a common homebuyer request, so you can make your home much more marketable in the process. 

4. Replace Your Windows

You may also want to replace your home’s windows. Changing up your windows can affect your home’s exterior and interior. A new window style can make your home more beautiful from the outside, and enlarged or altered windows can improve the natural light flow in your home. Updating windows could also make your home more secure. 

5. Update the Landscape

One of the best exterior home improvement ideas has nothing to do with your actual house. Landscaping is a major factor when it comes to the look of your home. A few thoughtfully placed shrubs and flowers can make your home more welcoming, bright and exciting. If you’re looking for ways to update your exterior, landscaping is a great place to start. 

6. Replace Your Garage Door

Your garage door takes up a large portion of your home’s facade. It’s one of the most important features of a home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking for a way to make a huge difference with a single update, consider replacing your garage door. A new garage door can also improve your home’s security and energy conservation. Whether you prefer wood, steel, glass or something unique, you can find a new garage door to match your personal taste. 

7. Replace Your Entry Door

Your home’s main entry door is also an important feature. After all, it’s the first thing your guests will see up close and what will welcome you home each day. Replacing a worn or outdated entry door will help you make a positive first impression. You might also replace your entry door to match other updates. A coordinated garage and entry door contributes to a smart overall appearance. Entry doors provide a lot of creative freedom — you can choose a color, style and material to match your style. 

Request an Estimate for a New Garage or Entry Door 

Exterior home improvements have many short-term and long-term benefits. Exterior home improvement ideas can make your home more valuable on the resale market, protect your home from extreme weather, boost your curb appeal and create stronger security. Some of the top home improvement updates include repainting, adding accents, building a deck or replacing elements. 

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