How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Your garage door plays an essential role in your home. It protects you from extreme temperatures, shelters your cars during harsh weather and locks out intruders. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with maintenance and fix problems as they arise. If your door is noisy, it might be more than an inconvenience. Do some research to ensure it’s nothing serious. 

Maintenance on a noisy garage door can be a quick fix if the problem is simple. Whether you have old parts that need replacing or need to lubricate hinges, you could have a quietly functioning door in no time. Try the following solutions if your garage door is making loud noises.

1. Clean and Properly Secure Garage Door Parts

A straightforward fix is to clean your garage door parts and make sure they’re correctly installed. As your garage door opens and closes throughout the years, it’s bound to accumulate dust and dirt. Remove these particles to ensure your garage door is running right. Take a damp towel and wipe the hinges, rollers, springs and rails. 

After cleaning the parts thoroughly, you should also check that the nuts and bolts holding these parts together are tight and secure. A rattling noise is typically a sign of loose parts, especially rollers or rails. Use a socket wrench to retighten areas as needed.

2. Inspect and Lubricate Moving Parts

Squeaking and grinding noises usually come from parts that are worn down. Most commonly, you’ll find that your rollers, springs and hinges need lubrication from the door’s constant movement. Have someone open or close the garage door while listening closely to where the sound is coming from.

Once you’ve located the problematic area, use a garage door lubricant to facilitate the part’s movement. Afterward, check on that part often. If you run into issues with it again, it may be time to replace the piece altogether.

3. Perform Garage Door Opener Maintenance

If you have a garage door system with a chain, the chain could make a lot of noise if it’s not maintained. Your garage door could suffer damage if the chain loosens. Be sure to inspect the chain and adjust the stress as you see fit. Lubrication is also critical.

Another garage opener system is the belt-drive. Like the chain-drive system, the belt-drive uses a belt to move your garage door up and down. Like a chain-drive, the belt can loosen or create slack, which negatively affects your garage door. Ensure that your belt is well-adjusted to open and close the garage door efficiently. 

Have a Professional Take a Look

If you’ve tried these solutions and are still wondering why your garage door is noisy, give A Better Door Co., Inc a call. Family-owned and run for 30 years, our company has loyal and trusted employees that will service your garage door and provide the maintenance it needs. You’ll receive constant communication from our office until you are fully satisfied with our work.

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